Building Innovation Forum Offices 2018

In an environment with positive for the office space market factors, such as economic growth, expansion and growth of the main users - IT and the outsourcing industries, but also a lot of challenges – urban planning, administrative, as well as the shortage of qualified personnel, the investment activity related to the realization of new office projects is in a dynamic upswing. According to experts, with planned and expected over 450,000 square meters of office space in the coming years, the market will evolve into a new phase - new business zones will be developed, the existing ones will be further developed, the need for efficient infrastructure provision will increase, the demand, supply and, respectively the rental levels will be balanced. In addition, the technological (r)evolution will set up new rules for the way the office buildings look, function, and exist in their environment.

All participants, involved in the investment project contribute to its success - from planning and design, through implementation to management and subsequent exploitation. Well-designed office buildings, compliant to the industry trends and factors, will turn into qualitative assets with stable financial flows, and those whose characteristics do not meet the requirements of users will face market difficulties and will seek restructuring patterns. The annual conference “Investments and Construction of Office Buildings”, part of Building Innovation Forum Series 2018, will provide a platform for the sector leading professionals to discuss the most important processes related to the realization of the successful office building.

Programme highlights:
- Business zones as a platform for modern urbanization. Successful business zone characteristics.
- Investment environment and urban development challenges.
- Infrastructure, traffic, transport and mobility – what is next?
- Office market 2018 - tendencies, risks, opportunities.
- Economic basis for office market development – perspectives for key industries.
- Supply, demand, rents – expectations and forecasts 2018
- Office buildings architecture trends.
- Building solutions and technologies for modern and functional buildings.
- Interior solutions for better working environment.
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